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Trek the Simien Mountains

  • At Chenek camp site with the entire crew! (cooks, mule handlers, scout, guide)
  • On the way to Geech camp site.
  • On the way to Geech camp site; as you see less vegetation here because of altitude.

Visit the Simien Tribes

  • Two women in a village near Debark. We can bring you there in about one hour on foot or horseback.
  • A girl near Debark village dressed up for Timkat Festival.
  • Near the village church during Timkat Festival (starting on January 19).
  • Notice the neck paintings, this is also about one hour from Debark (and inside the Simien Mountains National Park)
  • A woman dressed up for marriage near Limalimo village. If you want to experience a traditional Ethiopian marriage in a fabulous environment, we can bring you there.
  • Family of the bride during marriage near Limalimo village.
  • Marriage near Limalimo village. White people are also welcome 🙂
  • Visit a school with us and make children happy!

Explore all Ethiopia

  • Timkat Festival in Gondar City (celebrated on January 19)
  • A woman during Timkat festival in Gondar City.
  • Fabulous evening in Lalibela.
  • The famous Lalibela St. George Church
  • Evening in Lalibela with boys carrying woods to Lalibela center (which lies on top!)
  • One of the castles in Gondar City.
  • Inside the monasteries of Lake Tana

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