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Abyssinia Tours
Your gateway to the Simien Mountains and Beyond
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Tour with Abyssinia Tours.

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Abyssinia Tours guides you through the Simien Mountains and Beyond. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Abyssinia Tours is a leading tour organizer based in Gondar who can provide you with all-inclusive tours in the Simien Mountains and beyond. In addition, Abyssinia Tours has a large fleet of jeeps and minibuses, which are available for rent. Abyssinia Tours stands for the best service at competitive prices.

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The Simiens

Trek the amazing Simien Mountains. See the endemic Walia Ibex, the mighty Gelada Baboon and the majestic Lammergeir.

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Lake Tana

Embark on a boat ride and visit the monasteries with their wall paintings displaying the bible story in a unique way.

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Lalibela's rock hewn churches are UNESCO protected monuments. Visit these amazing pieces of architecture.

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Visit the hottest places on earth - the Danakil.You can see the most spectacular volcano interruptions here, with Simien Image.

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  • Gelada

    The Gelada Baboon in
    the Simien Mountains.

    Fjord Image
  • Ibex

    The endemic Walia Ibex in
    the Simien Mountains.

    City Image
  • Lammergeir

    The mighty lammergeir in
    the Simien Mountains.

    Trekking Image
  • St. George

    The most beatiful
    church in Lalibela.

    Office Image

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